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Turkey: US going too far in pushing states to buy oil from its allies

Turkey has censured the US for “going too far” in ...

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Wahabi terrorist group ISIS claims responsibility for Easter bombings in Sri Lanka

Takfiri Wahabi terrorist group of ISIS has claimed responsibility for ...

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Death toll in Sri Lanka Easter Sunday blasts climbs to 290; 13 suspects arrested

At least 13 suspects were arrested on Monday in connection ...

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Kosovo brings back Daesh militants, family members from Syria

Kosovo has repatriated 110 of its citizens from Syria, including ...

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World’s Shias celebrate Imam Mahdi’s birth anniversary

Millions of Shia Muslims around the world, including in Iran, ...

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Over 200 killed as eight blasts rock Sri Lanka during Easter celebrations

A series of eight blasts hit the Sri Lankan capital ...

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Leaked terrorists’ letters show Daesh boss Baghdadi ‘still pulls rank’ : Report

Over the past few years, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death has ...

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US cop kills man as he complies with demands to disarm

North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recently released body camera footage ...

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