Iran calls for end to US monopoly over internet

Iranian Deputy Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Nasrollah Jahangard called for an end to the US monopoly over the management of the worldwide web.

“The telecommunications ministry has notified the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) about the need for putting an end to the US monopoly over the worldwide web management and the necessity of other countries’ partnership in the administration of the Internet,” Jahangard told FNA on Wednesday.

The Iranian telecommunications and information technology ministry is seriously following up issues related to the administeration and management of the Internet by countries other than the US in the ITU and ICANN.

“The Iranian government is trying to make the world governments play a greater role in preparing the laws and procedures for the worldwide web management.

In March, Jahangard announced that Iran is ready to launch cooperation with international internet service providing companies such as Google.

“We don’t oppose all those people who are in the international market and want to provide services in Iran, and we are ready to hold negotiations with them for their service providing in the Iranian market after accepting Iran’s cultural conditions,” Jahangard told FNA on Sunday.

“Also, we are ready to provide Google or any other company with Iran’s possibilities and facilities for service providing to the region,” he added.

Jahangard underlined that Iran would not interfere in such companies’ service providing, but their operations should be based on Iran’s rules and policies.

Yet, the deputy minister said the sanctions against Iran are a serious obstacle to the American companies’ operation in Iran, but Tehran has held negotiations with non-American firms and the technical requirements are now being provided for their imminent operation in Iran.

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