Russia foils ‘terrorist attack’ in Moscow

Russia’s security services claims to have foiled a “terrorist attack” on Moscow’s public transport system that was planned by a group of militants, who were trained by ISIL terrorists in Syria.

Several people have been detained in a Moscow apartment on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Moscow, Russian media reported.

“It was determined that at a certain address in Moscow six to 11 people have occasionally been, some of them had undergone military training in camps of the Islamic State (of Iraq and the Levant) terrorists on Syrian territory and arrived in Russia long before the start of Russian military operation in that country,” Russia Today quoted the press office of Russia’s Federal Security Service as saying on Monday.

The FSB did not specify how many people had been detained.

The FSB, however, said that two of the detained confessed the attack had planned to be on public transport.

A self-made bomb with a capacity of 5 kilograms of TNT, an electric detonator, scales to weigh the bomb components, instruments and manuals on making explosives were found in a flat in an ordinary apartment building in western Moscow.

“An evacuation of the building’s residents was carried out, its gas supply system was switched off and the FSB’s gas-engineering lab arrived at the scene,” the Federal Security Service said.

It said that the reconnaissance revealed (5 kilos) of explosives, produced from ammonium nitrate. The bomb was neutralized.

During the questioning, two suspects told security officers that they planned an attack on Moscow public transport, and had received financial resources and elements of an improvised explosive device from their superiors in the militant group, the FSB press service said.

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