Punjab police detain Shia mourner Habib Raza in Sheikhupura

Shia mourner Habib Raza Jhand has been arrested by police, as animosity of Punjab Government is continue against Shia Muslims.

The Police arrested a speaker from Sheikhupura during a mourning congregation. According to the correspondent of Shia news, Punjab’s local speaker Habib Raza Jhand was arrested by the police during the mourning congregation of second Muharram ul Haram and shifted him to Sheikhupura jail. Punjab police arrested the speaker by making excuse of the NAP and Loud speaker act. Police said that the organizer of the mourning congregation did not have permit to do so.

It should be clear that Punjab government has started using the laws, made against terrorists, against mourning (azadaari) of Syed al Shuhada and has been trying to limit and restrict azadaari through different excuses. Whole Millat e Jafaria is worried over this act of Punjab government. It seems that the whole Shia nation will soon start a campaign against the government’s policies to limit azadaari.


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