Iran's Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Mohamad Hussein Bagheri.

Gen. Bagheri: Trump’s Threats to Iran “Just a Joke”

Iran’s Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Mohamad Hussein Bagheri said that waving threats against Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf and Hormuz Strait seems to be ludicrous.

Speaking in Tehran on Thursday, Bagheri stressed that Iran’s missile capabilities would deter any possible invasion and that enemies must no longer decide about what Iran should do in its foreign policy.

“Any war with the Islamic Republic of Iran, if started, would have no end at sight,” he added.

On US elections, Bagheri lampooned remarks made by US President-elect Donald Trump about Iran during his presidential campaign as mere joke, stating that “the empty saber-rattling of the president-elect of the US is ludicrous; he has made claims which would not be implemented by US navy in the Persian Gulf and Iran would not be challenged in its own waters, since we are the major dominant force in the Persian Gulf.

“Trump speaks bigger than his size,” the Iranian commander said, calling him “reckless.”

Bagheri advised Trump to ask the US Navy commander about the American sailors after their detention by Iran’s coastal guards, stressing that the power possessed by Iran in the sea is equivalent to its power on land and in air as well.

“Today, our power is proved on other fronts, including in Iraq and Syria, and they should recalibrate their evaluation of Iran’s military might.”

The chief of staff believed the spiritual hegemony of Iran is in such magnitude that even without boots, Resistance enjoy the spiritual ballast coming from Iran.

Moreover, Bagheri pointed out that Syria, by Iran’s help, produced missiles in Aleppo, the same rockets that targeted the Zionist cities in the Occupied Territories during 33-Day war of 2006, asserting that “now the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missile capabilities surpass its capabilities in Sacred Defense era.”

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