Syrian Gov’t opens new safe corridor in eastern Damascus

The Syrian government set up a corridor near al-Wafedeen refugee camp in Eastern Damascus to pave the way for the militants and civilians to leave the region.

Al-Wafedeen camp is located adjacent to Douma city, Jeish al-Islam terrorist group’s main stronghold in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

Al-Watan newspaper quoted sources as saying that other passages will open to this end too, adding that humanitarian aid have also been sent to the region.

Intense meetings have been reported among the representatives of the Syrian government and the tribal delegations in Eastern Ghouta in the past few days on opening safe corridors to restore stability and security to the region. News sources have underlined that 8 corridors are likely to be set up in this area.

Reports said on Saturday that the Syrian army troops had established a safe corridor for the evacuation of civilians from terrorist-held regions in Eastern Ghouta to be relocated to government-controlled areas under Russia’s monitoring.

The first safe corridor to transfer civilians from terrorist-held regions was set up by the army in a refugee camp in Eastern Ghouta on Friday.

The corridor will be used to transfer people to safer regions under the control of the army similar to the evacuation people from Aleppo city.

A military source said that the safe corridor was set up under Russian monitoring, adding that more safe corridors will be set up in the region soon.

The source added that with dividing Eastern Ghouta into four parts, the army will establish two safe corridors in each part to pave the ground for the residents and also for those militants that want to join the peace agreement to be able to leave the militant-held regions.

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