Iraqi forces repulse ISIL attack in Shirqat district

Iraqi forces managed to repulse an attack launched by the ISIL militants in the Western side of Shirqat District, killing 15 of them, a local source said.

The source said that the Iraqi forces repulsed an armed attack conducted by the ISIL militants in the Western sides of the district of Shirqat, which was recently liberated by the forces, Al Sumariya reported.

He further added that as a result the government forces killed at least 15 ISIL militants, who tried to sneak into the area coming from the village of al-Safina, located in the Eastern parts of Mosul.

The Iraqi forces supported by their allies forces continue to advance against the ISIL terrorists in Iraq, as part of the operation for liberating the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

The government of Iraq announced at the beginning of the year the liberation of the entire Easter part of the city, allowing the Iraqi forces to focus on the second phase of the operation, which started in February this year and aims to liberate Western Mosul.

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