Russian FM calls for UNSC briefing over deadly US airstrike on Mosul

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called for a UN Security Council briefing over a recent US airstrike on Mosul which claimed the lives of over 200 people.

The most recent tragedy happened on March 17, to be precise it is not the latest one as there were numerous incidents that claimed civilian lives after it. However, the March 17 [tragedy], when the bombings lasted for several hours and an estimated 200 civilians were killed, stands out because of its scale,” said Lavrov during a press conference on Monday.

Lavrov added that it was quite strange that the US had not realized they were hitting the wrong targets for hours despite having advanced targeting equipment.

He went to say that his country “is interested in liberating Mosul from terrorists,” while noting that the US-led coalition should be more “cautious and responsible” like Russia in Syria’s Aleppo.

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