Iraqi forces kill at least 52 Daesh militants in west Mosul operations

Iraqi forces have killed at least 52 Daesh militants during operations aimed at purging west Mosul from the presence of the Takfiri terrorists.

“The forces raided al-Abar area, killing 17 Daesh members,” said Major Ali Mohsen, a commander of the Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Forces (ICTF), on Wednesday.

He added that six female Daesh members from various Arab nationalities were also detained during the operations.

“Troops liberated around 40 percent of al-Abar region,” he added, noting that Iraqi forces were still engaged in clashes with the terrorists.

A separate ICTF commander noted that the anti-terror forces had also carried out raids in al-Tanak, another district of the city.

Also on Wednesday, the Iraqi Defense Ministry announced that the air force had killed 20 terrorists during an operation in the al-Sabuniyah area of the city.

Separately, an Iraqi government official announced that 15 terrorists were also killed in an Iraqi air force airstrike in Mosul’s western Hadar region.

“An airstrike targeted a gathering of Daesh militants in al-Shaihan village in al-Hadar area based on federal investigations and information,” read a statement.

“Others were injured as they were intending to launch attacks in several areas,” it added.

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