Two Wahabi clerics under investigation over lynching of student

A hate speech investigation was initiated against two Wahabi clerics yesterday for their involvement in the disruption of the funeral of Mashal Khan, the university student (Sunni Muslim by sect) who was lynched to death over allegations he committed blasphemy.

The Wahabi clerics are accused of attempting to disrupt the funeral of Sunni Muslim student Mashal Khan, who was beaten to death by fellow students after a dormitory debate was followed by accusations of blasphemy being spread across a university campus in the northern city of Mardan.

University officials had issued a public notification, hours before the murder naming three students being investigated for “blasphemous activities”.

Blasphemy is an extremely sensitive topic in Pakistan, where penalties range from small fines to the death sentence, and dozens of people are on death row in the country’s jails.

There have been at least 65 recorded cases of vigilante murders since 1990, according to figures from a Center for Research and Security Studies report and local media.

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