ISIL’s Largest chemical weapons workshop seized by Iraqi forces in Mosul

Chief of the Iraqi Federal Police Shaker Jowdat said on Monday that the country’s Quick Reaction Forces seized control over the largest chemical arms-manufacturing workshop of ISIL in Mosul city in Northern Iraq.

Jowdat said in a statement that his forces in a fresh round of operations West of Mosul engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and managed to capture 15 sq/km of area North-West of Mosul and the villages of Hasouneh and Dejleh, a gas-cylinder workshop, and blocks number 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the al-Haramat residential complex.

He further added that the Iraqi police have liberated half of al-Eqtesadeen and Tamouz 17 region, and transferred civilians to the Northern districts of Mosul in a timely plan.

Jowdat said that Iraq’s Quick Reaction Forces managed to seize the largest ISIL workshop used for making chemical weapons and defused tens of landmines and bombs planted by the terrorists in Tamouz 17 region.

Reports said earlier today that the ISIL terror group is in serious trouble inside their de-facto Iraqi capital, as the government forces close-in on the terrorist group’s last positions in Mosul city.

The Iraqi Armed Forces managed to capture the Rifa’i and Aribi districts on Sunday after a short battle with the depleted ISIL militants inside Western Mosul, Iraqi News reported.

With the Rifa’i and Aribi districts captured, the Iraqi Armed Forces are now in control of more than 90 percent of Western Mosul, leaving the ISIL on their last legs inside the provincial capital.

In the coming days, the Iraqi Armed Forces are expected to capture the remaining districts under the ISIL’s control and put an end to the terrorist group’s presence inside the city.

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