Mass ISIS members grave found in western Mosul

A mass grave of ISIS members was found Monday at a district retaken by Iraqi security forces in western Mosul as operations to clear the region from militants reach their final stages.

Col. Mortada Hassan, from the Iraqi army, told BasNews that the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service forces found a mass grave containing what are believed to be the relics of 20 members of the ISIS’s Hisbah (vigilantees) group at al-Haramat.

Hassan said the dead bodies were carried to a forensic authority department.

ISIS has lost hundreds of fighters and senior leaders since Iraqi troops, backed by a U.S.-led coalition and paramilitary forces, launched an offensive in October to retake the city. Since the launch of the campaign, dozens of mass graves of civilians and security members executed by IS have been discovered.

Coalition generals say there are less than 1000 IS members remaining in the western side of Mosul where Iraqi generals claim control over more than 90 percent of territories.

Iraqi troops are currently advancing through a handful of districts leading to the IS-held, ancient Old City area, where hundreds of thousands of civilians are believed stranded in dire living conditions under an Islamic State siege.

Iraqi commanders predict Mosul could be retaken before the end of this month.

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