Top Shia leader ready for talks with Shia parties

Chief of Shia Ulema Council Allama Sajid Naqvi has said that he is ready for talks with those Shia parties who have positive approach because he attaches importance to unity of Shia Muslims.

“I have never expelled any person from party nor forced anybody to leave. Had those who quit returned, he would have not disappointed them,” he said addressing a meeting of his SUC Punjab branch. He said that unity of Muslims and unity of Shia Muslims are his priorities.

He said that Shia Muslims of Pakistan were more aware and conscious religiously but they lacked interest in politics but his party and his efforts had raised political awareness as well. He said that his party Islami Tehreek Pakistan would participate in the next general elections politically and not religiously and purely political candidates would be nominated to contest the elections.

“Either we shall form alliance with like-minded party or make electoral seat adjustments with other parties to contest the Elections 2018,” he said.

Allama Naqvi made it clear that Allama Sibtain Kazmi had never been involved in any unlawful activity, let alone murder of anybody. He said that his party has never backed terrorism and never remained involved in any unlawful activity.

He said that his party’s relevant section was trying to sort out the problems being faced by pilgrims on Pakistan Iran border. He vowed that Shia pilgrims would continue to go to pilgrimage via Taftan border and nobody could force us to abandon this route.

He said that agencies were opposing the lifting of ban on his Tehreek-e-Jafaria Pakistan. He said that Shia Muslims would not surrender any of their legal and constitutional right. He said Shia Muslims have legal and constitutional right to observe azadari or celebrate the birth anniversaries of infallible leaders of Islam.

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