Saudi forces kill head of Quran council in Qatif

Saudi security forces have killed the president of a Quran council as they torched his vehicle in Eastern Province, which is mainly populated by Shia Muslims, a report says.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, when the security forces fired gun shots into Amin al-Hani’s car while he was driving in Awamiyah in the restive Qatif region, the UK-based Arabic-language Nabaa television channel reported.

The shots set the vehicle ablaze and his charred body was then recovered from the burned-out car. A video of the incident, shot by a passing car, circulated in social media, showing the time Hani’s car was burning in the raging fire.

Earlier in the day, Saudi snipers indiscriminately shot at another car, the driver of which lapsed into a coma due to multiple wounds and was hospitalized. Another man, a passerby, also sustained injuries in the shooting.

Saudi troops also attacked various parts of Awamiyah, inflicting heavy damage on residents’ property.

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