Over 4000 Shia pilgrims at risk of death in Pak-Iran border

Over 4000 Pakistani pilgrims including hundreds of women and children returning home from Iran stranded at Pak-Iran border, Taftan. They are stranded since August 2 due to lack of security needed to escort to their buses.

According to reports, the food items and cash carried by the pilgrims have finished while local shopkeepers have raised the prices of food items. Stranded people, particularly women, compelled to sell jewelry to buy food items.

The pilgrims via social media have asked the Top Shia leaders Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi and Allama Raja Nasir Abbas and other authorities to save their lives.

The pilgrims also complained the ill-treat behaviour of Frontier Core personals, where the security officials also threat them.

There is no drinking water, there is no shelter, he further added.

Pilgrims returning from Iran and Iraq are usually escorted by security forces due to past attacks and existing threats by sectarian outfits on buses carrying pilgrims.

The Zaireen have been forced to prolong their stay at the Taftan border on the pretext of security threat for more than two weeks but government and security agencies have failed to counter that particular threat and provide foolproof security for their motorcade, so far.

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