ISO’s ‘Death to America’ rally baton-charged by police

Police have tear-gased and baton charged peaceful participants of an anti-United States rally on Sunday while heavy contingents of police were deployed on MA Jinnah Road among other areas.

Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) organised the rally and the police were ordered to resist the movement as the participants attempted to march towards United States Consulate.

Reportedly, police are detaining resisting participants.

The rally titled ‘Death to America’ was carried out in Lahore as well, on the Canal Bank Road that turned the traffic sluggish.

Nasir Hussain Shah, information minister of Sindh has said that the participants should not have been baton-charged but consulate s security and protection is government s responsibility.

He claimed that one of the delegations was asked to take rally s memorandum to the US embassy.

The rally came hours after commander of US Forces and NATO in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson’s statement in which he claimed that top leadership of Afghan Taliban is in Quetta and Peshawar.

The Shia community’s protest also coincided with the news that Acting Assistant US Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells, has postponed her visit to Pakistan.

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