Bereaved Yemenis seek revenge from Saudi Arabia

The relatives of the Yemeni civilians killed in a recent Saudi-led airstrike have laid their loved ones to rest, vowing to mobilize and take revenge from the Saudi-led coalition waging war on their country.

At least 60 civilians died in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition on a hotel in the Arhab district of the capital Sana’a on Wednesday.

Locals buried the bodies of 22 of the victims on Sunday. A large convoy of emergency services vehicles were seen transporting the bodies, which were later buried in a funeral attended by a large number of people.

“We buried them today. All these people coming here proves how angry the Yemeni people are at this crime committed against them,” said Abdullah al-Mosheki, a relative of one of the victims.

“Two of my sons were martyred in the Arhab massacre by the Saudi aggression, they were civilians though and they used to work in agriculture,” said another individual, Ahmad al-Jehizei.

He appealed to the international community and the United Nations “to hold the perpetrators of this crime accountable and punish them for it.”

Another relative at the funeral, Ahmad Zaeid, said the Yemeni civilians were growing restless.

“We will mobilize ourselves and our forces to fight on the front and take revenge,” he said.

Saudi Arabia has been leading a group of its allies in a non-UN-sanctioned war on Yemen since March 2015. Yemeni sources say at least 12,000 people have died in the war so far.

The Saudi regime has come under criticism over mounting civilian casualties. While coalition forces are receiving military assistance from the United States and the United Kingdom — including in the form of intelligence sharing and target acquisition — they have been increasingly hitting civilian targets.

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