Trump-led US administration insulted Pakistani Nation, says Hezbollah Chief

Lebanese national resistance Hezbollah’s secretary general Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, has condemned the Trump administration belligerent policies in the region and also lamented that US President also affronted and scorned Pakistan despite the fact that Pakistan had always remained US ally.

After the officials of Iran, China and Russia, Hezbollah chief is the fourth in series who denounced the US policies and expressed sympathy with Pakistan.

He said that the US forces attacked Pakistan many a times while news US administration also humiliated and affronted the armed forces of Pakistan and also insulted the Pakistani nation. He said that millions of Pakistanis came out on streets to vent anger and condemn the US over its threats and their insulting statements and threats to Pakistan army and government.

Hezbollah chief also condemned the US warmongering policies in Korea peninsula, South Asia and Middle East and also condemned the US policies against Yemen, Syria and other countries.

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