Russian forces build bridge over Euphrates River in Syria’s Deir Ezzur

Russian military road service specialists have built a bridge over the Euphrates River a few kilometers from Deir Ezzur to transport military hardware and personnel to the Eastern bank.

“We used unmanned aerial vehicles. During the installation work, explosive substances and grenades were falling on us from above. Nevertheless, we had no losses, no wounded and no victims. Everything was done on time,” Vladimir Burovtsev, the chief of the road service at the Russian Defense Ministry told Sputnik Tuesday.

Burovtsev went on to say that the bridge will also be used to deliver humanitarian aid to liberated villages and evacuate wounded people.

Prior to the construction of the bridge only some units of the Syrian army were able to cross the river.

Meanwhile, the total length of the crossing is nearly 700 feet, while the capacity is 8,000 vehicles per day. The bridge is capable of bearing the weight of heavy military hardware such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and multiple rocket launchers.

The Daesh terrorists gained control over Deir Ezzur’s gas and oil fields in April 2014. Earlier in September, Syrian government troops supported by the Russian Air Force lifted the siege around Deir Ezzur that had been maintained for long by Daesh.

The Syrian forces’ operation on liberating the occupied parts of the city from the militants is currently underway.

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