Allama Kumaili, Allama Nazir show solidarity with Allama Hassan Zafar

Former Senator Allama Abbas Kumaili and Shia Ulema Council Sindh chapter president Allama Nazir Taqvi have met Allama Syed Hassan Zafar Naqvi at the police station where he has courted his arrest in protest against the illegal detention of many innocent Shia Muslims across Pakistan.

Allama Kumaili who heads Jafaria Alliance assured his alliance’s all out support to the legitimate and noble cause of the protest against the violation of fundamental human rights of citizens of Pakistan.

The SUC Sindh chapter president Allama Syed Nazir Taqvi said that his party too expressed solidarity with Allama Hassan Zafar and all those who are offering their arrest to demand immediate release of illegally detained persons.

Allama Kumaili and Allama Nazir said that enforced disappearance of innocent Pakistani Shia citizens had created multiple problems for their families who were dependent of their bread-earners. They said that undeclared arrest and illegal detention was also tantamount to economic massacre of the dependent families.

They reiterated that the Shias who were subjected to enforced disappearance should have been produced in the courts for trial if they were named in any case. They demanded that these missing Shias deserve to be dealt with humanely and they must be released without any delay because freedom is their universally accepted inalienable human right.

Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi thanked them over their support and solidarity and vowed that he would continue Fill the Jails Movement till the release of the missing Shias.

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