Protesters storm Iraqi Kurdistan’s parl. as Barzani resigns

Angry demonstrators, some carrying clubs, have reportedly stormed the parliament of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in the region’s capital city of Erbil as the Kurdish lawmakers approved a request by president of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government, Massoud Barzani, to step down early next month.

According to witnesses, protesters were angry at Barzani’s decision to resign from the presidency of the region.

Some reports indicated that gunshots were heard as protesters, who claimed they were Peshmerga Kurdish fighters forced their way into the parliament building.

Other reports noted that Kurdish lawmakers were trapped inside their offices at the parliament building.

Angry demonstrators also attacked the crew of NRT new channel, who were reporting in front of the parliament. NRT is known to be very critical of Barzani and his policies.

Local sources say the gunfire heard during the incident was caused by security forces shooting in the air in order to disperse angry protesters.

The protest took place after Barzani told a closed-door session of the region’s parliament of his decision to step down amid the fallout from Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum.

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