MWM to stage countrywide protests against illegal detention of Nasir Shirazi

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Shirazi, deputy secretary general, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, has said that azadars of Imam Hussain (AS) would also stage protest against the illegal detention of Syed Nasir Abbas Shirazi advocate during Chehlum/Arabeen mourning processions on Friday.

In a statement from MWM headquarters, he also condemned the Quetta bomb explosion that left three police officials including high police officer AIGP Hamid Shakeel dead.

He said entire nation salutes security officials who embraced martyrdoms in the line of duty. He said that terrorists were proxies of foreign forces mainly India and they must be crushed with iron hands.

Allama Jafari expressed sympathy with the heirs of the martyr police officials and offered condolences over the untimely deaths of their dear and near ones.

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