Yemen to keep up missile attacks in response to Saudi aggression: Ansarullah

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has warned that Yemeni forces will continue missile attacks against Saudi Arabia as long as Riyadh and its allies press ahead with their military aggression against the impoverished nation.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, the Ansarullah spokesman, said on Thursday that Yemen’s missile launches are purely aimed at defending the nation in the face of Saudi attacks, Yemen’s al-Masirah television network reported.

On Saturday, Yemeni forces, backed by popular Houthi fighters, had launched a Borkan H2 long-range missile at King Khalid International Airport in northeastern Riyadh, the first to reach the Saudi capital.

Saudi military authorities said at the time that the missile had been fired at an international airport by Houthi fighters, who have been on the forefront of fighting against the Saudi war machine since 2015.

The Houthi forces have launched a number of long-range missiles across the border in recent years. However, Saturday’s strike appeared to be the deepest yet within Saudi territory.

The US and Saudi Arabia also accused Tehran and Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement of helping the Yemenis against the Saudi-led coalition. Tehran has dismissed the accusations as baseless.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Abdulsalam said the White House’s condemnation of Yemen’s missile attack is further proof that the US is covering up the kingdom’s crimes, while assisting Riyadh militarily.

Saudi Arabia has intensified its attacks on residential areas and civilian targets and blocking international humanitarian aid to Yemen.

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