Saudi Arabia seeking support in Arab League for anti-Iran resolution

Saudi Arabia is trying to garner the support of the Arab League to push the United Nations Security Council into an anti-Tehran resolution.

During the foreign ministerial Arab League meeting which was held by the request of Saudi Arabia in Cairo on Sunday, Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul-Gheit said that they planned to “brief the UNSC on Iran’s destabilizing policies in the region.”

“We have not taken a decision to ask the Security Council to meet, but we are just briefing the council and maybe the next stage would be for us to meet and call for a Security Council meeting and submit a draft Arab resolution (against Iran).”

Meanwhile, Israeli minister of military affairs has extended the hand of friendship to Arab countries, calling on them to form an alliance against Iran.

Avigdor Lieberman wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday that the Middle East region now requires an anti-Iran coalition.

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