‘Kidnappers threatened me not to rise voice for missing Shia persons’

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen deputy secretary general, Syed Nasir Abbas Shirazi, has said that those subjected him to enforced disappearance for a month, had threatened him that he must not raise the issue of missing Shia Muslims and must remain silent on this issue.

In an interview to the Urdu daily Jang (Lahore) after his release, Shirazi said, the kidnappers hailed from security agency. He said he was kidnapped in presence of his minor children and wife from Lahore. He was masked and had been shifted to three places and the last destination was an investigation centre in Faisalabad from where he was released.

Shirazi said he was kept in illegal captivity for 31 days and the kidnappers inquired about his political targets and also asked why he was raising voice for release of missing Shia Muslims. He said had there been any charge against him, the investigators should have produced him the court for open trial but their illegal raid and his kidnapping proved that jungle law has been imposed in Pakistan.

He said he and his party have declared their target to make Pakistan an invincible country in accordance with the ideology of its founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah and great thinker Allama Iqbal. He said he and party want that Pakistan must be a peaceful country where terrorists and fanatics have no place.

He said he had not seen sun for 31 days because of his detention inside a cell where he was tortured whenever he tried to lift mask. He was threatened he would be kidnapped again if he raise the issue of human rights of missing Shia Muslims. He said other people told him they were detained illegally at the cells for last two years.

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