Bahrain: Shia cleric and Preacher of Al-Kheif Mosque Arrested, Transferred to Prison

A Bahraini appeals court upheld on Sunday (February 4, 2018) a 3-month jail sentence issued against Shiite cleric and Imam of Al-Kheif Mosque in Al-Dair village, Sheikh Isa Al-Moemen, over a Friday sermon he delivered in 2016.

The authorities accused Al-Moemen of inciting hatred against the regime over a Friday sermon he delivered on July 29, 2016, according to his lawyer.

This is the second of its kind verdict against Al-Moemen, who has been already imprisoned for 3 months over the same charge; a Friday sermon he delivered on August 5, 2016.

Al-Moemen family stated that Sheikh Isa will be transferred from the courtroom to Jaw Central Prison to serve his sentence.

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