Tens of Thousands Take Part in Solemn Funeral Procession for Bahrain Freedom Martyrs

Tens of thousands participated in the funeral procession of the three Bahraini “martyrs of freedom” in the Iranian city of Qom, beginning their march from the shrine of Lady Fatima Al-Ma’sumah (AS), following Friday prayers.

Photos and video clips of tens of thousands of Iranians and dozens of Bahrainis, who reside in Iran, taking part in a solemn funeral for the martyrs “Maitham Mohammed, Sayed Qassim Sayed Khalil and Sayed Mahmoud Sayed Adel,” who mysteriously died at sea as they fled from Bahrain to Iran.

Earlier, Al-Wefaq mourned the three martyrs and the fourth missing (Hassan Ali Ibrahim) and said that they tried to escape to Iran because of “the lack of security and safety in their homeland Bahrain, as they left to ensure safety for themselves and their lives,” confirming that the three martyrs “were among the oppressed youths who were living under persecution and security pressure.”

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