Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry Summons UNHCR Representative on Displaced Syrians’ Matter

Upon the instructions of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, the Ministry’s Political and Consular Affairs Director, Ambassador Ghadi Al-Khoury, summoned the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees representative for Lebanon, Mireille Girard, against the backdrop of the UNHCR’s statement on the return of about 500 displaced Syrians from Shebaa area to Syria’s Beit Jann.

As per a statement by the Ministry, Ambassador Khoury raised the question of the conduct of the Commission in releasing a statement contrary to the Lebanese public policy which is in full conformity with the humanitarian principles and international law, stipulating a safe and dignified return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland.

“The content of the statement instills fear and hesitation among the displaced Syrians who have decided voluntarily and willingly to return to their homeland, given that the security situation in most areas in Syria allow such a return,” Khouru corroborated.

The Ministry emphasized that the statements released by the Commission must be consistent with the latest developments concerning the Syrian situation and the priorities of the Lebanese Government, in addition to complying with diplomatic principles.

The Ministry also called on the Commission to avoid issuing statements that impede the return operation.

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