ISO demands immediate release of Rehman Shah

Imamia Students Organisation president Ansar Mehdi has visited Sukkur where he met family of Syed Rehman Shah who was believed to have been subjected to enforced disappearance.

Later, he spoke to the media and demanded that renowned social activist Rehman, former president of student organisation ISO must be released forthwith.

He said that enforced disappearance of innocent and law-abiding citizens has tarnished Pakistan’s image in the comity of nations. He said enforced disappearance of citizens was violation of their fundamental human rights and defame Pakistan across the world. He demanded release of all innocent Shia victims of enforced disappearance.

Ansar Mehdi also condemned the targeted killing of Hazara Shia Muslims in Quetta and expressed solidarity with protesters who have staged sit-in outside Quetta Press Club.

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