15 ISIS terrorists including women arrested in Mosul

Iraqi security forces arrested on Wednesday 15 Daesh (IS) members, including a female leader, in the group’s last bastion of Mosul, a police spokesman was quoted as saying.

The official al-Sabah paper quoted chief of Nineveh police Brig. Gen. Hamad Names al-Jabouri as saying that “15 IS militants, including a female leader, were arrested today in a security campaign at al-Zahraa district in Mosul’s eastern side.”

“Among those arrested in the campaign is a female fighter, identified as Zarka bint Nafea, who was found involved in killing many of Mosul women,” Jabouri pointed out.

Meanwhile, Spokesman for the Iraqi Security Media Council Brig. Gen. Yehia Rasool said that the 20th brigade of the Iraqi military intelligence directorate seized a number of tunnels that were used by the IS group for treating the wounded fighters in Hamam al-Alil district, south of Mosul.

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