Israeli snipers target protesters on Gaza ‘day of rage’, kill scores

Israeli troops have opened fire on Palestinians who have gathered near a Gaza fence for the climax of a six-week demonstration coinciding with the inauguration of US embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds.

Clashes erupted along the fence Monday between Palestinians and Israeli forces as protesters converged on the site for a “day of rage”.

According to Gaza health officials, at least 52 Palestinians have been shot dead and over 2,400 wounded by Israeli snipers who are positioned along the fence, facing the protesters.

Later on Monday, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN said there were eight children under the age of 16 among Palestinians killed during violent clashes that took place on the border fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip.

“We condemn in the strongest terms these atrocities by the Israeli occupying forces, using this massive fire power against civilians who have the right to demonstrate peacefully — and they have been demonstrating peacefully,” Riyad Mansour added.

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