Yemeni ballistic missile targets Saudi Aramco oil facility in Jizan: Report

Yemeni army forces, backed by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have fired a short-range domestically-manufactured ballistic missile at a Saudi Aramco facility in the kingdom’s southwestern region of Jizan, in retaliation for the Saudi regime’s campaign against the impoverished country, Yemeni media report.

Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, citing a military official, said on Monday that the short-range Badr-1 ballistic missile had targeted the oil facilities that belong to energy giant Aramco in the Saudi border province of Jizan, adding that the projectile had hit the designated target in the region with great precision.

However, Saudi media, citing the country’s military authorities, claimed that Saudi air defense systems had intercepted the missile in the skies over the region.

Saudi Arabia often claims that it intercepts incoming Yemeni missiles, but a close study of evidence by The New York Times last year clearly suggested that in one of the most high-profile of such Yemeni missile attacks, the projectile, launched deep into Saudi territory, had in fact landed unimpeded, bypassing American-made Patriot missiles and potentially other defenses used by Riyadh. Saudi Arabia claimed that it had foiled that attack, which targeted the Riyadh airport.

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