Iraqis mark 4th anniversary of Speicher Massacre

Hundreds of Iraqis on Tuesday marked the anniversary of a Daesh massacre on Camp Speicher in Tikrit in 2014.

In June 2014, Daesh terrorists — after overrunning much of northern and western of Iraq — reportedly killed more than 2,000 cadets and personnel at Saladin’s Speicher military academy.

Hundreds of families of the victims gathered in the presidential complex in Tikrit to mourn their beloved ones killed by Daesh terrorists.

The Iraqi state television aired the ceremony, which was attended by a host of government and local officials.

In March, Iraqi authorities said it had extracted the bodies of 1,135 victims and handed over the remains of 800 people to their families.

Last year, Iraqi authorities executed 36 people convicted of committing the massacre.

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