Thirteen terrorists arrested in security operation in Kirkuk: Official

Thirteen militants, who are members of a terrorist cell that infiltrated into Kirkuk, have been arrested, a security official from the province said adding that security services are working on following the terrorist in the province.

In remarks to media channels on Thursday, Maj. Gen. Maan al-Saadi said, “troops of the Counter-Terrorism Service, during an operation, managed to arrest a cell composed of 13 militants who had sneaked into Kirkuk. After the arrests, terrorist attacks were carried out last night. We have the photo of one of the perpetrators and will arrest him.”

Intelligence services of CTS and other security services in the province “follow whoever tries to destabilize the security in Kirkuk. The thirteen militants were arrested in accordance with judicial warrants.”

In related news, a security source told AlSumaria News that “the arrested are affiliated to Islamic State and that reaching them would weaken the dormant cells of the group that takes advantage of attacks to affect the security in Kirkuk.”

On Wednesday, three members of Islamic State, including a senior intelligence official, were arrested during a security campaign in southwestern Kirkuk. Up to 14 Islamic State members were killed on Tuesday in a series of airstrikes on northwest of Kirkuk province by the U.S.-led international coalition warplanes,

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