US characterized by threats, sanctions, support for terror, Assad says

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the policies of threats, sanctions as well as support for terrorism are typical of the US, calling on American statesmen to change their behavior and help establishment of global peace.

Speaking in a meeting with visiting US Republican Senator Richard Hayden Black in Damascus on Wednesday, Assad said that Washington has long resorted to threats, punitive measures as well as state terrorism, stressing that it will be of great benefit to American statesmen and nation if Washington opts to secure peace than to foment strife and destabilize world countries.

Black, for his part, said the policies enacted by successive American administrations vis-à-vis the Middle East have fostered mistrust among regional people and shattered their belief in all American strategies.

The US senator also lauded the return of life to many areas liberated from the scourge of terrorism, hoping that peace and stability would prevail all across Syria and terrorism is defeated.

This meeting comes as a new book has revealed that US President Donald Trump had allegedly demanded the assassination of Assad after a 2017 chemical attack that Washington blamed on Damascus.

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