Islamophobic hate crime injures Shia Muslim worshipers at north London mosque

Muslim worshippers leaving a mosque in London have been hit by a car in a possible hate crime that saw the driver hurling Islamophobic slurs at the people taking part in a religious ceremony for the grandson of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

UK police and officials at the Hussaini Association located in the Cricklewood area of northwest London said the attack began in the early hours of Wednesday.

The alleged assailants were reported in local media to be three men and a woman, all in their mid-20s, taunted and shouted Islamophobic insults, police and Mosque officials said.

Witnesses reportedly saw a red Nissan Juke speeding down Oxgate Lane, mounting the pavement, hitting community members who were making their way home after the program ended.

Authorities said a man in his 50s had been hospitalized to receive treatments for a serious leg injury while two men, in their 20s, also sustained injuries in the attack.

Up to 1,500 worshipers were at the center to mark the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH), a grandson of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and Shia Islam’s third Imam.

The lectures and mourning ceremonies, organized by the Hussaini Association, is the largest of such religious programs in London.

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