Three Shia religious scholars face trial for Ashura Azadari in Bahrain

Three renowned Bahraini Shia Muslim religious scholars jailed during Manama’s raid on annual Ashura commemorations have been remanded in custody. Over a dozen eminent Shia scholars were arrested on Ashura.

Sheikh Hani al-Banna, Sheikh Yassin al-Jamri and Sheikh Majid al-Sahlawi had their detention extended for an additional 15 days over allegations that they were involved in ‘inciting hatred against the regime.’ The accusations against the three, who have already spent weeks in police custody, reportedly relate to the content of their religious sermons.
It is relevant to add here that Shia Muslims are dominant majority in Bahrain and an unelected despotic monarchy has imposed their tyrant rule over entire Bahrain. People of Bahrain irrespective of their sect and affiliation have launched a movement to established representative and inclusive constitutional democracy in the gulf country. And to suppress them, Bahrain monarchy makes false cases against them and even raid religious rituals.
Bahrain monarchy has given citizenship to foreigners and stripped nationality of the sons of soil because of their peaceful political opposition movement.

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