Leader calls for upgrading Islamic-Iranian model of progress

Following the preparation of a document on ‘Islamic-Iranian model of progress’, Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on all institutes, scientific centers, elites, and scholars to examine in depth the various dimensions of the document and to present advisory opinions.

In a letter on Sunday, he called on Iranian organizations, scientific centers, elites and experts to explore various aspects of the Islamic-Iranian model of progress and offer their consultative opinion in order to modify, complete and upgrade the document.

The Leader also tasked “the Center for Islamic-Iranian Model of Development” to carefully consider all proposals for completion, fine-tuning and upgrading of the model, and to come up with a definitive Islamic-Iranian Model of Development in no more than two years, so that the model could be put into practice by the beginning of the new Iranian century (in just over two years from now).

The Leader added: “With divine grace and guidance, the efforts of several thousand top academics, university and seminary school lecturers and professors, and young scientists and experts, finally bore fruit, after seven years of efforts, on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, giving us an Islamic-Iranian model of development and progress. By implementing this Islamic-Iranian model for development, which is a huge, difficult but certainly possible task, a new Islamic-Iranian civilization will dawn in this historic land and ecosystem — God willing.

The Leader also urged the Supreme National Security Council, the Parliament, the administration, universities and religious schools to help upgrade the Islamic-Iranian model of progress.

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