Shia woman pilgrim martyred after Police Officer runs over vehicle in Jacobabad

A Shia pilgrim Zubaida Khanum was martyred after an officer of Sindh Police S.H.O Gul Hassan ran over vehicle on a Shia pilgrim in Jacoababad.

The Police S.H.O stopped a vehicle transport of pilgrims at Sim Shakh area of Jacobabad.

They were on-route for Ziayarat on the eve of Arbaeen to Iran and Karbala.

After the hours the pilgrims staged protest.

The pilgrims demanded a clean route for the transportation, but at Police refused and stopped the pilgrims on security reasons.

During the protest the S.H.O ran over the vehicle on a women pilgrim.

Martyr Zubaida Khanum d/o Haji Hussain Irani was resident of Karachi.

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