Allama Javad Naqvi concerned over enforced disappearance of Shia Muslims

Renowned Shia Islamic scholar and head of Muslim Ummah Awakening Movement Allama Syed Javad Naqvi has expressed concerns over enforced disappearance of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Speaking at Jamia Urwatul Wusqa in Lahore, he lamented that innocent Shia Muslims were picked up on return from pilgrimages to sacred shrines of infallible Imams and then their whereabouts are not made known to their relatives no they are produced in any court of law. He said missing persons issue is a serious issue of human rights violation.
Allama Javad also expressed concern over plights of people of Gilgit Baltistan who are denied democratic and constitutional rights and they got nothing even from CPEC.
He said that Islam and Muslims were defamed due to terrorism. He said modern terrorist network in Pakistan surfaced since 1980s due to wrong policies of Martial Law dictator Gen Zia.

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