Some parties don’t want govt. formed: Lebanon’s parliament speaker

Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri says the government formation process in the country has been derailed as there are parties that do not want a new cabinet to be formed.

“What happened confirms there are parties that do not want the government to be born at all,” Berri told al-Akhbar newspaper in remarks published on Monday.

The country has been facing a political deadlock since its first parliamentary vote in nine years was held in May.

Berri expressed concern about regarding “what awaits thecountry in the coming period.”

According to official results, the resistance movement of Hezbollah, which defends the country against the Israeli aggression, and its political allies won more than 70 of the 128 seats.

Hezbollah’s allies include the Amal Movement, led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and the Christian Free Patriotic Movement, founded by President Michel Aoun.

The Western- and Saudi-backed Saad Hariri, however, lost more than a third of the seats held by his party’s lawmakers.

The cabinet seats must be allocated among rival groups according to a sectarian system that permits Sunnis, Shias and Christians to represent the portfolios.

Hariri, himself a Sunni Muslim, has resisted a seat demanded by a group of six Sunni parliamentarians allied to Hezbollah.

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