Sporadic clashes reported in Hudaydah ahead of truce committee meeting

Fresh clashes have been reported between Yemen’s Houthi fighters and militants loyal to the country’s former Saudi-backed regime in Hudaydah ahead of a UN-organized joint committee meeting meant to monitor the ceasefire in the strategic Red Sea port city.

An AFP correspondent said Yemen’s rival parties had exchanged gunfire on Wednesday and that the sound of heavy artillery could be heard to the east of Hudaydah.

The skirmishes come as retired Dutch Major General Patrick Cammaert is expected to chair a joint committee, including representatives from Yemen’s warring factions, to monitor the Hudaydah truce that entered into force on December 18.

Cammaert arrived in Hudaydah on Sunday from the Houthi-held capital, Sana’a, after holding talks with officials from Yemen’s former Saudi-allied regime in the city of Aden.

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