Discrimination against Shia Muslims in Pakistan: Interior Ministry issues notice against Shia Community

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan has issued the notification against Shia Muslims ahead of Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit in Pakistan.

The hateful words against Shia community were used in the notice.

After the notification, several activists of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslmeen and Imamia Students Organization were detained.

The activists on social media protested against the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

MWM’s Political Wing Secretary Asad Abbas Naqvi contacted Federal Minister Asad Umar and Aijaz Chaudhry and informed them regarding the notification issued by Ministry of Interior against Shia Muslims in Pakistan ahead of Bin Salman’s visit.

It should be keep in mind, the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also a Shia Muslims.

This notification in Niya Pakistan is also against Quaid-e-Azam.

It is pertinent to note that the portfolio of the interior ministry lies with the prime minister himself.

The notification claimed that a ‘targeted campaign’ had been launched to “to project a negative perception” about the high-profile visit. The ministry said it had analysed the matter and found that “dissidents/ disgruntled elements from ‘Shia community’” were mostly involved in the “nefarious activity to malign KSA.”

The ministry of interior has processed 19 Facebook pages and 20 Twitter URLs and forwarded the request to block to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). “Cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency and PTA shall ensure blocking/ tracking of accounts/ activists involved in the campaign,” the notification added.

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