Allama Javad sees Indo-FATF pressure behind action against banned outfits

Founder of Movement for Awakening of Ummah of Prophet of Islam and Humanity (Pakistan) and renowned scholar Allama Syed Javad Naqvi said that history of Pakistan shows that governments of the time always acted under foreign pressure and action against banned outfits is also being taken under pressure from India and to meet the conditions of Financial Action Task Force.

“Had this action been taken in accordance with Constitution and law of Pakistan, this could have been taken much earlier. But action under foreign pressure is a wrong message from the rulers that pressure us the way to make them take action,” he said, speaking at a gathering in Jamia Urwa-tul-Wusqa.
He said that the incumbent government too brought humiliation to Pakistan by so doing because message is loud and clear that they had given in against Indian pressure and this impression would bring more pressure in future that means more humiliation for Pakistan.
“God forbids, apprehensions had it rulers may cap nuclear programme that is a deterrent. Apprehensions had it that Saudi Crown Prince MBS may become frontman of US administration and buy it,” he said.
He said MBS is not a politician but he is a gangster who confessed Saudi Kingdom used Wahhabism as per agenda of Western bloc led by US and UK.
Allama Javad lamented inaction against the takfiri terrorist groups who perpetrated massacre of innocent Pakistanis and even schoolchildren, Sunni and Shia Muslims and even security forces. He said that no action is being taken against those takfiri terror outfits.

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