Iran is the key to break chain of threats that surround Pakistan: Russian scholarr

Distinguished Russian scholar Maxim Shapovalenko has said in Karachi that the key to breaking the chain of threats that Pakistan is surrounded by is to develop a relationship with Iran and marrying the economic interests of China, Iran, Russia and Pakistan.

Maxim Shapovalenko is deputy director of Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (Russia).

“Iran is one of the key players in the region which can help stabilise the situation in South Asia and in turn would be very instrumental in breaking the evolving crises circling Pakistan,” he said, speaking at a seminar on Strategic Concern: Global Dynamics and South Asia, held on Tuesday under the aegis of the Centre for Peace, Security and Developmental Studies (CPSD) with focus on several looming possibilities in the near and distant future with regard to strategic coercion and global dynamics.

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