Two Shia Muslims shot martyred in Dera Ismail Khan

Notorious takfiri terrorists shot dead two Shia Muslims in Dera Ismail Khan in the jurisdiction of University Police Station.

Terrorists knocked the door of the house of a Shia Muslim family in Moza Nawab in DI Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. As soon as residents came out, they opened fire upon them and fled the scene riding their motorbikes.

As a result of firing, Ghulam Abbas son of Rab Nawaz Baloch was martyred on the spot while Ghulam Qasim embraced martyrdom on way to hospital. One Shahnawaz was also injured. All victims are Baloch Shia Muslims an d belonging to same family.

Hundreds of people attended funeral prayers of Ghulam Abbas son of Rab Nawaz Baloch and Ghulam Qasim Baloch in Dera Ismail Khan today (Wednesday).

Shia Ulema Council leader Allama Ramzan Tauqeer led the funeral prayers. Sunni Muslims also participated in namaz-e-janaza.

Among others, SUC DIK leader Maulana Kazim Hussain Mutahri and SUC City president Syed Ansar Ali Zaidi also attended the namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers).

Two Shia Muslims embraced martyrdom in a targeted attack by takfiri terrorists in Moza Nawab in the jurisdiction of University Police Station in Dera Ismail Khan. A relative of the martyrs was earlier kidnapped in South Bagwani and his whereabouts are not known to date.

The terrorists from ASWJ/LeJ aka Sipah-e-Sahaba perpetrated this heinous crime against humanity after a pause of a fortnight in Dera Ismail Khan.

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