Hazara Shia sit-in ends after assurance from Balochistan CM, Minister Afridi

Advocate Tahir Hazara announced to end sit-in that Shia Hazara community was staging on Western Bypass in Quetta to protest against killings of innocent many Hazara Shia Muslims in Hazarganji suicidal blast that was claimed by Daesh terrorist group since Friday.
Tahir Hazara made this announcement when Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal, Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi, deputy speaker National Assembly and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister held talks with the leadership of the protesters.
“The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees protection of all citizens and we have made no unconstitutional demand,” Tahir Hazara said, adding that Pakistan has fallen to silent terrorism nowadays. He made clear that protest was their right which they exercised and nothing illegal or unconstitutional was demanded from the government.
Shehryar Afridi offered condolences on behalf of Prime Minister Imran Khan and assured the protesters that he was there for sharing grief and not for politics. We would not leave you alone, he vowed.
Chief Minister Jam Kamal said that Hazara community, Quetta and rest of Balochistan had witnessed difficult situation but he and his government would try best to resolve their problems. He referred that unmatched sacrifices were rendered for peace.
“Government is serious in resolving problems of Zaireen as well,” CM said.
Government representatives who visited the sit-in camp had assured Hazara community of providing security as per their demand and address their issues.

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