Israel Used ‘S-300-Evading’ Missile for First Time in Syria Strikes – Reports

Israel reportedly carried out airstrikes against an alleged ‘Iran-linked’ ‘missile factory’ in Syria’s Hama province in the early hours of Saturday, with Syrian air defence troops saying they intercepted some of the missiles, which were launched from Lebanese airspace to try to thwart an effective air defence.

Israeli Air Force F-16s may have used the country’s newest air defence-evading ‘Rampage’ air-to-surface missiles (ASM) during their Saturday strike against a military facility in western Syria, independent defence analyst Babak Taghvaee has reported.

According to the analyst, the missiles were used “due to the danger” posed by Syrian Air Defence Force S-300PM-2s, which were delivered to the country by Russia last October following the accidental downing of a Russian plane during an Israeli air raid on Syria.

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