Iraq sentences last two French nationals to death for joining Daesh

An Iraqi court has sentenced to death the last two French nationals on trial in the Arab country for joining the terrorist Daesh group and involvement in acts of terror.

The men, identified as Bilel Kabaoui, 32, and Mourad Delhomme, 41, were convicted of joining Daesh and carrying out criminal operations by a criminal court in the capital Baghdad on Monday. They have 30 days to appeal.

They are among a group of 11 French citizens and one Tunisian, who were captured by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria and handed over to Iraq in January.

All the eleven Frenchmen transferred from Syria are facing the gallows in Iraq. The Iraqi law provides for the capital punishment, which is carried out by hanging, for anyone found guilty of joining a “terrorist group” – even if the convicts have not taken up arms and have not participated in battles.

Iraq has been trying hundreds of suspected Daesh members, many of whom were detained as the outfit’s strongholds crumbled throughout Iraq. This includes hundreds of foreigners.

Hundreds of European nationals traveled to the Middle East to join Daesh after the terror group captured large swathes of territory in Iraq and neighboring Syria in mid-2014.

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