US sanctions, pressure make us stronger: Senior Hezbollah official

A high-ranking member of the Hezbollah resistance movement has slammed the US Treasury Department over adding three Hezbollah officials to its list of sanctioned individuals, stressing that Washington’s restrictive measures and campaign of pressure against his group simply solidify its resolve.

“The targeting of our deputies (lawmakers) by economic sanctions is an assault against representatives of our people. They use economic sanctions against us, and this is a real act of aggression. They also use political aggression,” Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said at a ceremony in Lebanon’s southern town of Humin al-Tahta on Sunday.

He added, “Do you want to impose your opinions on us? If you add deputies, officials, political party or anything else to the sanctions list, this will increase our resolve and will make us think how to win this battle and this aggression. You are doing this in an attempt to pressure the resistance and the public.”

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